Sandra Soden

Sandra is the founder of Soden Legal.  Sandra is not currently taking on casework as she is on secondment with the Family and Federal Circuit Courts of Australia

Sandra is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law. Specialist Accreditation is a structured peer to peer assessment process enabling legal practitioners to be recognised for their expertise. Specialist Accreditation is held by less than 6% of the profession in New South Wales. Accredited Specialists must pass a series of meticulous assessments on both legal knowledge and its application in practice. To retain their accreditation, specialists must undertake significant additional professional development in their area of expertise each year.

Sandra has been assisting families since her admission into practice in 2008. During this time she has worked with the women’s domestic violence services, local women’s refuges, professional businesses and other community groups. Sandra is well known as an astute legal practitioner in the Macarthur Region, having assisted well over 1000 clients in the area to finalise their legal matters.  Sandra has presented at various legal forums and provided assistance to many local charities with donations and fundraising efforts.

Sandra’s extensive knowledge and experience, combined with her strong negotiation skills, allow her to resolve the majority of clients’ disputes outside the court system. This means that her clients are able to achieve a successful outcome without having to be involved in costly and time-consuming litigation. In the event however that Court proceedings are necessary, Sandra has an outstanding track record in relation to successful outcomes in litigation

Sandra holds a range of qualifications including:

  • Bachelor of Laws from the University of Western Sydney
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
  • Master of Applied Law (Family Law)
  • Specialist Accreditation in Family Law
  • Collaborative Law Practice
  • Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
  • Parenting Coordinator