Whilst many law firms will not detail their fees and charges upfront, we at Soden Legal are upfront and open about the costs associated with your legal matter.  A list of our fixed and other fees are set out below:

To pay your current bill please follow the link: https://rapidpay.com.au/referencenumber

Family Law Fees


  • $1000 for a Divorce Application plus Court’s filing fee
  • Hourly rate for Court attendance if required
  • Filing Fee not included in costs estimate

Legal Aid

  • For clients on a low income or government pension, we can apply for a grant of Legal Aid for you at no cost.  Generally Legal Aid charges a one-off contribution fee of $75. In some cases they will charge a higher fee depending on the client’s income.
  • Legal Aid will pay us to represent you at a Mediation or during the Court process.

Litigation Finance

  • For clients receiving  a property settlement we can assist you in applying for litigation funding with our preferred lender.  If approved they will cover the cost of your case and we will repay those costs directly to the lender at the conclusion of your case from your settlement funds.
  • For clients seeking assistance with a parenting case, we can assist you in applying for a small loan to cover the cost of your case.


  • For advice on a Contract $500
  • For Sale of Land  $2000 plus GST
  • For Purchase of Land  $2000 plus GST
  • Unregistered & off the plan – $2000 plus GST

Disbursements are additional costs on top of the fixed fees this includes things such as mandatory government searches and agent’s settlement fees.

Wills & Estates

  • Simple Will $350 plus GST
  • Couple Husband/Wife or Defacto Wills $600 plus GST
  • Power of Attorney & Enduring Guardianship $350 plus GST
  • For combined Wills/Power of Attorney, we offer a discount of $50 for each additional document.
  • For more complex wills including testamentary trusts please contact our office for a quote