Family Dispute Resolution

In family law cases, you must make a genuine effort to resolve your disputes through dispute resolution services before you can apply to the courts for parenting orders and financial orders.

Unless an exemption applies, parties seeking to have a parenting matter determined by a family law court will need to file a certificate from an accredited FDR practitioner. The certificate is issued under Section 60I of the Family Law Act 1975 and is commonly known as a Section 60I Certificate. There are a few exceptions to this requirement, such as cases involving family violence, child abuse or urgency.

If we are representing you, we can put you in touch with various FDR Practitioners and we can even represent you during the process to ensure that your interests are adequately represented.  Alternatively, if you are looking for an Accredited Family Dispute Resolutions Service, we can also assist you by offering Dispute Resolution in house with one of our own Accredited FDR Practitioners.  We offer a mobile service where we can travel to various locations throughout Sydney and the Illawarra, or you can make use of our own meeting rooms. Contact us today to enquire about our Dispute Resolution Service.